Reasons to Start a Business

smallbusinessinurancepliAre you tired of working for others and not being able to show your true potential? Do you come up with brilliant ideas that do not get to be used in the company that you work in? Is your time spent too much at work that you do not get to socialize and be with the people who matter?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then there is a good chance that you should seek for other employment, in fact, these are excellent excuses for you to be able to look into starting out your very own business, below are some other key factors that should lead you to begin a business.

Dealing with Others Is Not a Problem

As you start a business one of the few things that you have to deal with are other people, whether it is a provider of insurance for small business, a contractor that is starting up your business venue or a client that wants to do business with you.

When you consider yourself confident when it comes to communicating with others and convincing them to have a business relationship with you, most especially when they are willing to pay for what you do then it maybe the right time to begin your own.

Organization and Welcoming Growth

Those who look into their own business ventures often deal with a lot of challenges along the way especially when it comes to being well organized as well as succumbing to a lot of possible changes.

Under the circumstance that you see yourself very open and flexible to adapting alternatives plus pride yourself of having a lot of structure and have developed the habit of being particularly specific to planning and organizing, then you may want to take the challenge of a new business.

Financial Stability and More

Beginning a business will often lead to tapping into your very own savings and if you are one who has some to spare and have the courage to gamble it then you should consider starting a business venture.

Aside from having enough money to start your business journey, also being capable of handling the money that you make and pooling it in to improve your business while generating a good amount of profits and savings are excellent ideals that could garner you enough criteria to own a business.…

Things to Watch Out for with Car Insurance

sharpcarinsuranceThere are a lot of Medicine Hat car insurance quotes available in the market as different companies and businesses out there have their own variety of insurance offerings for vehicle owners which makes it quite challenging to choose which policies to look into and purchase.

Not a lot of vehicle owners though are well aware of the different factors to consider before going to a company and asking for an insurance quote, as there are several things to look out for to be able to have a company lower the cost for an insurance quote.

Provide More Excess Payment

Discussing with an insurance personnel the amount of excess that you are willing to pay for in case there are troubles that happen with the vehicle will make an additional deal in terms of providing a more affordable insurance policy.

Being able to provide more monetary assistance together with what the insurance company can provide assures that the policy is reasonably priced and is much more flexible in monetary terms.

Select Limited Number of Insurance Additions

For cases when consulting for insurance quotes leads to personnel providing a few extra policy additions that are worth for your vehicle, look into which ones are worth to add up with the current quotation provided to you.

In case the added perks and privileges are worth to add to the insurance policy, agree to include some but not all as these may have underlying additional charges in the future even if these come as bonuses at first.

Assure High Security

One of the considerations that a vehicle owner should discuss with an insurance company before asking for an insurance quote is the level of vehicle security or the amount of security in the car.

Making it a point to discuss this upon consulting will help out to keep the vehicle get a lower amount of insurance quote and make the policy financially better.

Driver Number

Some insurance companies look into the number of drivers that use the vehicle and base their insurance quotes from this fact.

To make sure that the insurance quote to be made becomes lower than usual, look to assigning a limited number of drivers to the vehicle and if possible just list one person who drives the vehicle most often.…

Don’t let your friends buy the food for camping

Alright this post is a little overdue but it has a very important message. When you try to live a money conscious lifestyle, it is very important that you want where you spend money. Well on my last camping trip I had to run a quick trip to another store, during which my friends went and did the food shopping. Needless to say I regret that decision.

There was 4 of us and we were arriving at the camp site in the evening having already eaten dinner. We were staying the next full day and then having breakfast the following day before heading out. So in total thats 2 breakfasts, 1 lunch and 1 dinner for 4 people. For the first breakfast they bought:Friends

1  Dozen Eggs (sounds more like a bed and breakfast, I know!)

1 Pack of bacon

1 Pack of breakfast sausages

I believe we ate all of the sausages (as they were cooked first) then maybe half of the eggs (if that) and one third of the bacon (I didn’t have any, which was not due to the fact they bought Extra Hearty Bacon)

Lets move on the Lunch. Normally a standard lunch for camping is hot dogs, and today was no exception. However we couldn’t get just regular hot dogs, we had to get the gourmet sausages. If that wasn’t enough we bought 2 packs of 6 each, so we had 12 sausages for 4 people for 1 meal. How on earth does that make sense to anybody?!? Oh wait it continues? We also bought 12 gourmet buns, and new packages of mustard, ketchup and relish (it would have much too hard to bring opened ones from home, or possibly take the packets from a fast food joint).

At this point half the bacon had been left cooking in the sun and looked rather disgusting as flies found the greatest meal of their short lives. Dinner was fast approaching, and we couldn’t be outdone by our wasted breakfasts and lunches, we again went for a traditional camping meal of hamburgers.

We got some frozen hamburgers (8 of them) that I was fine with, despite costing $8.00 for 8 patties and not being very big at all. Well guess what we had to have with the burgers you ask? Well we bought a head of lettuce (but no knife to cut it……) a thing of jalapeno cheese (I can’t remember exactly but it must have been close to a pound), 6 tomatoes (because they all came together in a bag), a brand new jar of sliced hamburger pickles and an onion. But yea no knife and no cutting board.

Before I go any further I should mention that we brought a propane BBQ with us (not a full sized one), but since we couldn’t find a mini propane tank (and that fast that us city slickers are far too civilized to us a BBQ pit….) we bought a full sized tank ($55) and brought it with us. The tank was straddled between somebody’s legs on the way up and when we asked the gas attendant if that was safe his response was “I could care less”. Please insert shocked facial expression here.

So we’ve covered the meals of the first day, oh but wait we missed all the snacks. You know those 2 giant bags of chips, the box of cookies, the 24 cans of coke (did I mention we weren’t even there a full 48 hours?), my homemade trail mix (the only food brought from home),  the 24 bottles of water (the only purchase that was actually worth it). I’m fairly confident in that fact that I can’t remember some of the snacks too, which scares me a little bit.

Alright were on to the final meal which in all fairness wouldn’t have been too bad if it actually had got eaten, but of course it didn’t because we were in a rush and well hungover (it was camping after all). We got a pack of bagels, and a thing of cream cheese along with a 2L bottle of grapefruit juice (I’m afraid of what this actually cost, but going by the packaging it looked expensive.

Sigh, sometimes I think to myself about how much better it would have been to go into the store with them. Not just to stop them form buying twice as much food as we needed, but just to see the look on the clerks face when they said they were going for 1 day.…

FileLock Continued…

As you know FileLock launched yesterday, so I thought I would update everybody on how it went. We had over 200 downloads from MacUpdate and VersionTracker, which is very nice. At the end of the day we got approved for Apple Downloads, and were fortunate enough to be selected as a Staff Pick. Those 3 sites should give us a fairly wide audience which we hope to tap into for sales.

As of today, we have had a few sales so far (yay!) and we are waiting for approval on a few other software listing websites. We submitted the news of our launch to some Mac specific blogs, but have yet recieve any coverage.

For a first time launch I’d say we didn’t do too bad, but of course we are always looking to improve. Right now I’m really focused on doing some SEO stuff for the app (building back links, getting a higher PR etc.) Those techniques are all longer term marketing so we’ll see how they go.…

Off Leash Developments Launches First Product

But I have been busy with……wait for it….. The Launch of Off Leash Developments (a company I co-founded) first product, FileLock. It has been a long time in the making, so we are all very excited to finally see it launch.

FileLock is a Mac OS X app for encrypting and securing files on your computer. It is really easy to use, so easy that for most things you can just drag and drop items. The app also has some other handy tools such a feature to tell you how secure your password is, the password assistant can also help you generate a new secure password.

Since this is a business type blog I figure I should talk a bit about the marketing too. So far we have submitted the application to some websites (, and a few others). These sites are great at marketing the application initially, as they receive a fair amount of traffic and their users like to download new apps. We also went ahead and submitted the news of the release to a couple Mac specific blogs. But I feel this isn’t enough both from a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and a marketing point of view.

So what do you guys think we should do to spread word of the app? Keeping in mind that we would like to keep marketing costs as low as possible.…

Staying Active

I’ve never really been a fan of running or jogging, I just never found it interesting enough. It was fine as a way to get from point A to point B, but when your just running over a treadmill or around in a big circle, I just find it too boring. Stay Active

Over the past couple of weeks or so I have been really into playing tennis. Up until then I hadn’t enjoyed tennis that much, I always found it hurt my wrist. I think that was because I used to play a lot of badminton and was used to flicking my wrist (that doesn’t work as well in tennis).

But as soon as I got over that habit I have been really enjoying it. The sport is great for cardio and keeping you active. Thanks to some public courts only a 10 minuet walk from my house, it is also great on the wallet. The frugal aspect is even further encouraged because I borrow my sisters racquet to play.

How do you guys keep active while staying frugal?…

Diversifying With Real Estate

Offering high returns and passive income is not the only reason investing in real estate is good for your portfolio, although those are pretty good reasons by themselves. Financial advisors are always telling you to diversify and I’m sure everybody who reads this blog has heard it once before. They tell you to own shares in different companies and different industries and different countries too.

The purpose of this diversification is so that if some of your investments were to take a turn for the worse your others would likely be experiencing different trends. This allows your portfolio to avoid to large peaks and troughs of the raw business cycle. And this makes sense, who wants to place all of their eggs in one basket? (well gamblers might, but we’ll just assume you don’t gamble with your retirement plan).

Real estate allows you to have investments that aren’t tied to the stock market and yet can still earn high returns, unlike bonds or other guaranteed investment vehicles. Although you can argue that there is some correlation between the stock market and real estate prices, the fact is that the relationship is small. Even if real estate prices fell every time the index fell, because of how much slower the real estate market is you will have a much longer time to react to the changes.Real Estate

At the core real estate prices are based on the supply and demand of housing (here is some basic economics for you), thats the reason why a 900 square foot apartment in one city can cost 3 times as much in another city.

The demand is how many people want housing, so if a lot of people are moving to a city the demand will be high. If there are a lot of people moving away, the demand will be lower. The supply is based on how much housing is available, so if a lot of new condos were just built there is more supply then if no new buildings were constructed this year. So if there is a lot of demand and not a lot of supply prices are going to be higher.

Do you know anyone who moved to a new city/bought a new house/sold a house based on what the stock market did? I don’t, that alone shows how the 2 markets are driven be different factors. So next time somebody tells you to diversify your investments think about real estate.…

New FuGro Project

As I mentioned in my last post FuGro Investments is launching a new project/investment opportunity, so I thought I would tell everybody what it is all about. Before I do that though I should mention that FuGro is a company that specializes in renovation real estate projects. It started with a house flip and then jumped into a 15,000 square feet renovation of a apartment building in Saskatchewan. From there FuGro has sprouted into another apartment/commercial complex in Saskatchewan and multiple houses.Investments

For the next leap FuGro is doing a renovation/condo conversion of an old office building in the Crowsnest Pass, Alberta. This project has the town backing it and it will be very exciting to watch the building get re-polished and bring a new shine back to the mountain side.

Minimum investment is $5,000 with an annual return of 24%, though the project is expected to be completed in less then a year. If you have any questions about this opportunity please be sure to let me know.…