Eating Healthy

I’m trying to become a lot healthier so in addition to keeping active I’m also trying to eat healthy. And by eating health I mean cutting a lot of bad things out of my diet. Before I used to have a fairly high sugar intake, drinking pop and other sugary drinks, chocolate bars (I didn’t actually have these too often) and my favorite; cookies.

I’ve also said good bye to a lot of fast food, restaurant food that I know is bad for me (watch out for restaurants, even a simple soup can have a lot more fat then you initially think) and a lot of snacks that I would pick up at the corner store.Eating Healthy

Initially it was tough to say good bye to pop, especially on a hot day where nothing sounds better then an ice cold drink. But the longer I go without all of those ‘necessities’ the less and less I miss them. I’m also very sure that my body enjoys the lack of sugar spikes (I didn’t realize how bad just a can of coke could be). And I can guarantee that my body likes the amount of fat I’m taking in now much more then before. I’m focusing on eating lean meat, having nuts and seeds (the good type of fat) and watching how much I eat of butter and things like that. I’m also avoiding trans fats completely, which actually isn’t that hard thanks to some lobby groups.

All in all I’m sure this new lifestyle will help me live longer and have a lot more energy for doing what I love.