FileLock Continued…

As you know FileLock launched yesterday, so I thought I would update everybody on how it went. We had over 200 downloads from MacUpdate and VersionTracker, which is very nice. At the end of the day we got approved for Apple Downloads, and were fortunate enough to be selected as a Staff Pick. Those 3 sites should give us a fairly wide audience which we hope to tap into for sales.

As of today, we have had a few sales so far (yay!) and we are waiting for approval on a few other software listing websites. We submitted the news of our launch to some Mac specific blogs, but have yet recieve any coverage.

For a first time launch I’d say we didn’t do too bad, but of course we are always looking to improve. Right now I’m really focused on doing some SEO stuff for the app (building back links, getting a higher PR etc.) Those techniques are all longer term marketing so we’ll see how they go.

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