New FuGro Project

As I mentioned in my last post FuGro Investments is launching a new project/investment opportunity, so I thought I would tell everybody what it is all about. Before I do that though I should mention that FuGro is a company that specializes in renovation real estate projects. It started with a house flip and then jumped into a 15,000 square feet renovation of a apartment building in Saskatchewan. From there FuGro has sprouted into another apartment/commercial complex in Saskatchewan and multiple houses.Investments

For the next leap FuGro is doing a renovation/condo conversion of an old office building in the Crowsnest Pass, Alberta. This project has the town backing it and it will be very exciting to watch the building get re-polished and bring a new shine back to the mountain side.

Minimum investment is $5,000 with an annual return of 24%, though the project is expected to be completed in less then a year. If you have any questions about this opportunity please be sure to let me know.

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