The Mall vs. Online Shopping

Recently me and peter have gotten back into online shopping and finding expensive clothing for a good deal, and i must add that we have both gotten very good at spotting the fakes from the real, which is crucial to do if you wish to purchase clothing online.Sale

A few days ago i went to the mall to do some more shopping and noticed the price difference that the stores are dishing out compared to ones found online, but at the same time i feel a lot safer shopping in the mall, rather than online where i don’t get to physically feel and hold the product. I dont believe i would ever buy Gold jewelery online, because it would be so hard to tell if you recieved exactly what you asked for.

This brings up the question of how much impact the digital age has on shopping and what products do you guys feel you would never buy online, and what can be bought online without fear of a fake coming.

There still many advantages to shopping at the mall, such as the air conditioning, excersize, and variety of clothes, but do these advantages really overcome the riduculous mark-up on clothing and false images advertised?